Megan, Certified Dental Assistant & Office Manager


Certified Dental Assistant & Office Manager

Megan grew up in Calaveras County, CA. Some of her fondest memories are raising pigs for the local county fair. Her dental education began when she attended Dental Assisting School at Santa Clarita School of Dental Assisting while working as a barista at a local San Diego coffee shop, where she met her fiancé, Bobby.

Dental assisting and dental offices were a natural fit for Megan as she grew up in dental offices with her Mom, who is also a dental assistant and an office manager. She warned Megan that all dentists are crazy but she’s never taken her mom’s advice until it’s too late, and now has been working alongside Dr. Brooks at Midtown Dental for over four years. Being around her Mom’s offices really got her interested and started a passion for helping patients.

Currently, as front desk and office manager, she really enjoys being able to go back and forth between seeing patients at the front desk, while returning to assist with Dr. Brooks from time to time when he needs an extra hand.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys thinking about teeth, exploring new hiking trails with her pups Diesel and Pete, and spending summers at Lake Almanor with her soon-to-be husband, Bobby.